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I Hatez the Peoplez

Earlier today, I realized once again just how aggrivating people really are.
I once again tried to at least get an aquaintence besides Yiwen and Amy in one of my classes, as neither of them seem to really pay much, if any, attention to me besides what they pay to everyone(saying "Hi." if you say hello, waving, just basic being polite stuff). I ended up hearing a bunch of the people I sit next to talking about Kingdom Hearts, so of course I commented.
For about five minutes or so, I felt... accepted. Or at least they seemed to be standing me. However, after I asked how much Vivi whateverhislastnameis is in KH2, or if he shows up beyond in Seifer's gang at the beginning again at ALL, I, once again, became just a shadow in the classroom. -_____-
A bit later, they were apparently talking about the guy next to me's dad apparently taking weed, which IMO is just a stupid topic of conversation to have (loudly) in the middle of a classroom, and they were like "Eh, who's listening anyway?" "Maybe that girl next to you?" I was thinking What? They don't even know my name? and then the first guy said "Meh, I bet she doesn't even know what my name is." and Larry asked "Okay, [last name of some other 8th grader, presumably meant to be *my* last name, as they sound vaguely similar], what's his name?" I answered with the first guy's name and they were all like "*rolleyes* Who cares about her."

I hate people, I really do. @_@ More specifically, I hate almost everyone I have to deal with in school. Besides my friends and pretty much all of the 8th grade Asian girls, since for whatever reason, they're *all* polite + decent people towards most people.
Tags: these wounds they will not heal, waaaaangst
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