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TCODF's down. It's made like Mew's Hangout in Butterfree's absence. Unfortunately, she won't be back until opal's birthday, so.... ;_______; No COD for a while, then.... unless she manages to access her computer remotely or something like that... X_x;

TCOD really needs some sort of technical staff besides just Butterfree. She goes on too many trips and a dead COD makes me a sad person-lacking-a-mage-hat-though-with-plenty-of-other-mage-costume-stuff. X_x;

On a more pleasant note, I burned my third CD last night, and it works. Listening to it right now. =D

I'm currently level 8 and can NOT beat the f*cking Bonerdagon. CURSE YOU BONERDAGON! CURSE YOOOOUUUUUU! I'm in hardcore. Any ideas?
Current equipment: lihc face, flaming crutch, box-in-the-box-in-the-box(maybe I'll replace that with those flaming talons if I manage to somehow get to level nine before killing the damn thing; not too unlikely, considering my current location in the Goatlet), ninja hot pants(I'm probably going to go for ninja garb for the 'reach the peak' bit; I've got the hot ninja stuff already), Sneaky Pete's breath spray, Sneaky Pete's breath spray, Boris's Ring.
- I've got a not particularly good Moxie or Mysticality, although my Myst. doesn't really matter all that much and the two Breath Sprays bring my Moxie close to my Muscle.
- I don't have much meat (hardcore, remember?), and I haven't gotten Tongue of the Otter or that level 4 skill yet. I do, however, have a tenderizing hammer and Super-advanced Meatsmithing. If I make an asbestos sword, would it help(I have a linoleum one)? I know it's stronger than my crutch and my offhand item's lame, but I'd lose my +hot damage(which owns on spooky stuff ^^) for more Muscle. The only thing is, I have around 300 meat and that would delay getting Tongue of the Otter. X_x;
- I totally do not remember the Bonerdagon in my previous three or four ascensions. All I remember is that it sucks and takes forever to kill.
- My familiar of choice for killing it is definitely my 14-pound (unbuffed) Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot that I slaved over last ascension to get. I will not train it much more; I need a Tiny Maracas for my Sombrero more than I need NPZR levels, and I already have a monkey. I think my Volleyball's 20 pounds and my Sombrero's 4.
- Should I perhaps try a barrrnacle? There's a 40% chance I'll need it anyway, and it may be useful...

Oh, Shiva, Fluffy, Furii, AK, and I were trolling this chatroom for some disturbed diaper-involving fetish. I think I've said too much, but it was fun and highly amusing.
There was an alternate invite-only channel called "freinds"[sic].
Tags: [game] kingdom of loathing, tcod
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