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Mew's Hangout claims to be in a truce with TCOD. If it last, I'll be happy. I don't like pressing the 'ban' button, but who does?

I think I banned two trolls today. X_x I hate doing that, I really do. They're asking for it by trolling on TCOD(how often is there a complete lack of staff members? Maybe 30 minutes a day? Less?), especially in the Coughing Cubboard. If it was in the Forum Games section or something, maybe they'd get away with it, but no, they had to troll in one of the most commonly stalked boards....

On a completely different note, I downloaded the nightly build of Firefox. It appears to completely rock. Quite a pretty layout and I have eevee's Pokedex plugin. It appears to own.
Tags: drama drama drama, tcod
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