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Wouldn't it Be Nice If Everyone Was Nice?

Note on title: I have a copy of Hogfather on my desk. Blame Pratchett.

So, Jolty got demodded today. X_x; Forcibly. The only other forced demod I know of is AK's, and he was banned for spamming. Apparently Butterfree was really ticked off at discovering that Jolty had blatantly flamed one of the trolls. x_X;

A bit before that, Butterfree posted a blatantly-obvious topic saying that the next mod to break the rules would get demodded and so on. Selestius had the bright idea of ranting at us, so I pointed out that it's a few isolated cases, not a revolt. He ignored me and continued his rant. He later apologized for it, but it's still along the lines of "Head, meet desk."

Blah blah blah, I had fun +repping some people, mainly Div, I posted some troll recipes, etc. Not too bad today, considering. A bit of 'wtf?!' but nothing major.

regalgryphon's apparently having some issues with Gryphon's Guild. I have it all noted in my head but I don't particularly feel like typing it here. I offer my condolences.

I got Bon Echo here, too. =3 Hurray for eevee!

I don't know how these'd all work out but...
  • Dip bits into batter and fry them. Serve with rice or as sushi.
  • Grill them and serve as a shish kabob. Yum. Trolls.
  • Grind up the meat and use as replacement ground beef.
  • Feed anything that'll eat them.
  • Get a Green Slime to turn them into Green Slime, use as a 'seasoning'.
  • Use the skins for leather.
  • Tiger food.

La la la zombies.
Tags: i'd be a geek if i was cooler, smells like tweenie stupid, tcod
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