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Oh, aren't I lucky...

I'm.... *Dun dun freakin' dun* anemic. Not only that, I'm severely anemic. That means I get to take IRON SUPPLEMENTS every day, and I'm tired all the time anyway, and I have to get samples of... you don't really want to know.
Also, one of my webfriend's webfriend's house burned down today. O_o

I got really dizzy and almost fell over three friggin' times today in Algebra, as well as my legs fell asleep, I fell asleep, and I learned I passed Algebra with a C. Big friggin' whoop. Interestingly enough, according to teh teacher, EVERY ONE OF HER STUDENTS PASSED, which apparently never happened to her before.

On the plus side, skool's almost out, I'm still obsessed with IZ, I don't need my backpack anymore, and tommorrow's field day. Yeah!

On the weird side, one of my friends found a pair of pants on the bus. She threw them out the window. But.... WHO'S PANTS WERE THEY!?
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