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"You bad idiot!" - Jordan from my old school

That's actually what I would like to say to most of TCODf. I don't think I will, though; I'm such a good person. Right. Uh huh.

AK's banned. Again. He's fine and all, but CAN HE STAY UNBANNED FOR TWO MONTHS?
Fluffy left.
KMew and Sireafi are now mods. <<; I don't actually approve of ASB Mods everywhere. Why can't the forum masks be applied as necessary for limited permissions? It set off AK, and a bunch of the regulars are upset about it. Pelvises shouldn't be handed out just because someone had a bright idea. People should actually, y'know, earn their modship.


I have Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Blue. It is AWESOME. >3 *slinks off*
Tags: tcod, these wounds they will not heal, video games, wtf
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