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I should probably see a doctor but I don't wanna.

I'm hoping some of you'll have advice beyond 'go see a doctor already'. Unless the problem really is 'get off your ass and see a DOCTOR!', in which case, I suggest for mom to set up a doctor's appointment for Monday morning.

- Almost constantly over the past two weeks, I have had a severe headache, typically concentrating in the sinuses. I have been taking my allergy medication periodically before and during this time period; maybe one-in-three days.
- I have had little appetite over this time period; for example, I have eaten two eggs, two biscuits, a small amount of clam chowder, and two pieces of pepperoni today. That really is not very much, especially considering my usually-voracious appetite. I eat like a bird; I don't eat much at a time but I snack constantly.
- I have been passing out periodically recently; this can probably be explained by chronic anemia but hey, maybe it's something else.
- I have been a cranky bitch, but that's nothing new, really; I've just been feeling like a Steelix rolled around in my head.
- My sides hurt. As in, the area right below my ribcage. It's usually my right side that's hurting.
- I cannot go up stairs while carrying my backpack without hyperventilating. =[ I also get dizzy.
- I keep going slightly cross-eyed.
- I have apparently turned slightly green off and on. This apparently makes me look like a zombie, especially with the slightly crossed eyes and my chronic inability to walk in a straight line.

I HAVE been taking various pain-relievers, but they have not helped, as far as I can tell. I've tried Aleve(I KNOW I spelled that wrong), Advil, and Tylenol so far, without any success.

Oh, and I think the ingrown hairs on my elbows are becoming sentient.
Tags: ill: i know i'm shocked, let's talk about my life
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