January 9th, 2012

shut up and make me a smoothie!!, trashy romance novels

sometimes my computer names are more apt than I'd hope

It sure is good I enjoy fiddling with my boxen, otherwise the fact that erufuunPC keeps freezing would be really annoying. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I'm hoping my problems were from leftover Mint 12 .files and that's why (x)ubuntu 10.10 would freeze periodically. I just deleted a ton of .files relating to config shit and installed lubuntu 10.10; let's see if this works fine. Unlike with the ubuntu and xubuntu installs, it didn't forget how to wireless card when I rebooted after updating shit, which I will take as a Good Sign.

I tried downgrading Aurora to a stable firefox release and it decided it really enjoyed crashing, so I'm back on Aurora. I sort of wonder what's wrong there, but I'm not that bothered, really.

At least I'm enjoying trying out different desktop environments. I kind of hate Unity, and GNOME 3 appears to be shitty (though I like the idea of the Mint panel), and pinaPC (which is running Chakra) is kind of borked and while I like a lot of KDE apps I'm not sure I would plan on using KDE for a main box. Thankfully pinaPC is more or less a media center so the wonkiness of the current install doesn't really bother me that much. I'll probably either work out what's wrong with it or stick on actual arch (and xfce, I think) sometime.

Am actually crossposting an entry, wtf is this shit. ETA: haha, went to edit the icon here on lj and was reminded that LJ keeps setting itself to japanese fsr. I mean, I don't mind most of it being in Japanese; it's just pretty random.