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Well, one of my dog's has kidney failure and has for a few weeks - I merely haven't brought it up here 'cause I hate angsting.

I think he's doing slightly better but I don't actually know. He hurt his back foot earlier, though: it bled when dad picked him up.

Supposedly he's doing slightly better, or that's what I heard last week. Didn't hear anything today, so I don't know. I'm not sure if he is or not.

I didn't go to school today. I feel like crap. I went like most of the way to school when I went all like 'fuck this' and dad turned around. Took a nap, woke up at around 3:30, had diarrhea for a bit... yeah. One of my other dogs went over to ask me where [kidney failure doggy] is. *sigh* Hopefully everything'll work out. I'm feeling slightly better, anyway, and he's still acting like himself.

Ate a chili-cheese dog (haha very funny; shut up) for dinner.

Furret's angsting again in #tcod. Wonder when he'll take that damn stick out of his ass and go back to being funny.

I wanna go play Elebits again, but I can't really. Upstairs TV is a pain in the ass, TV by here doesn't have a chair directly in front of it which makes aiming shitty, other TV doesn't have an open electrical socket and I don't feel up to searching or getting an extension cord. Bah.
Tags: ill: i know i'm shocked, let's talk about my life, ow that hurt in my /soul/, stupid, tcod, these wounds they will not heal
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