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mood update

the black doggy seems to be feeling ill. she might just be worried about Br, though; I think she might have caught something. stress weakens your immune system, after all, which may be why I've been catching cold after cold lately.

I started coughing rather a lot a few minutes ago. opened up another can of water and downed a nyquil. might go to bed earlier tonight.

ate some cuban food at a fairly nice restaurant nearby; will tell you where, mom, if you're interested. 'twas pretty good, though my throat started feeling fairly icky while downing coca cola like mad.

played some FFV; bonus dungeon time.

muse died again; will post in The Goodnight Festival when brain turns on.

hopefully I'll feel better by Monday. might not, though; just a heads up for the parental units.
Tags: ill: i know i'm shocked, let's talk about my life, let's talk about rp, these wounds they will not heal
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