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okay um yeah haven't updated in ages

feel kinda okay, although right sinus next to nose hurts like hell. Will be sure to take Claritin tonight, for once. Okay, I've been fairly good about it lately.

'pparently I probably have asthma and/or acid reflux. Acid reflux is kinda a given - started having more of it lately - and asthma is fairly likely. I've never really been able to run much without getting short of breath; wouldn't put it past asthma as well as all of these stupid joint problems.

Going to go to Balticon tomorrow for the whole weekend. Think I'll go as a Red Mage. I have more ideas for actually putting together the costume than I did at Otakon.... Helps that I'm probably not going to be doing tonnes of walking, too.

  • Red cape w/ hood; at mom's somewhere

  • Pandamage's Hat; at mom's, on computer

  • Wooden sword; at mom's somewhere

  • wand thingummy; at dad's next to computer

  • might grab dad's chainmail for further "HAY I'M A RED MAGE"-ness. near dryer

  • One of my classmates was saying that I shouldn't be going to this con and I should be going to a car show. Think I was protesting some easypie homework I'll do tomorrow after school at mom's. Write notes from pages 620 and 621, iirc....

    Been playing Pokémon Pearl lately. Dad's hunting for a shiny Floatzel. If he gets it (which he probably will), are there any offers, preferably of the blobby persuasion? After he gets his shiny, he's going to clone it and trade it for someone's shiny whatever, which we'll clone and trade for more whatevers, until we get all of our favorite shinies. :D All you need's one, remember!

    Going to start playing City of Villains in a few weeks, and probably should get back to Final Fantasy VI Advance. D: Think I'm on the Floating Continent.
Tags: [game] final fantasy vi, [series] pokemon, cons: because fandom doesn't hurt enough, shiny, will cosplay badly for $$$
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