surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

By This Point, How is it Still Working?!

So today, at camp, I was hiking on Sugarloaf Mountain((lack of exercise+anemia+small meals+at least 3 mile hike uphill=exhaustion)), and my bottle of sunblock friggin' EXPLODED. I mean, the top popped off, and the bottom broke 'n everything. Needless to say, I didn't notice, and the friggin' sunblock LEAKED through the seams, and guess what got covered? My GBA. So I'm looking at it twenty minutes later, swearing, and thinking "Now how the hell did this thing get covered in greasy GOO when the sunblock's not even in the friggin' same pocket?", as well as, "Spork, I hope my glasses are alright. And Sandman Volume 2. And my bathing suit. And my umbrella." So, I take out the umbrella((a friend wanted to borrow it)), and my GBA, and I start franticly trying to clean it off, while being insulted by various people near me.
Ten minutes later, I get to my lunch((YAY!111oneonepotato11!!!)), and cross my fingers, and turn the switch. IT FRIGGIN' STILL WORKS.

I can't find my other GBA+FireRed at the moment, but I'm not going to worry until my stepdad gets home, and if it's not in his car, THEN I'll be freaked out. Meh.

EDIT: About two hours later, my stepdad got home, and my GBA was in the car. Good thing, too.
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