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I was talking to Jirachu earlier - you know, the girl that blames everything on communism? - and I realized something.

She is almost eighteen, with little to no knowledge of how the world works.  Or of anything, really.  She can't grasp simple spelling, she does not know how to use spellcheck, she puts apostrophes where no apostrophes belong and doesn't put them where they do.  But even ignoring her failure to grasp some of the basic mechanics of English after being on the internet for over four years - that would be how long I've known her by now - she isn't very bright.  In fact, she is probably the most naive person I have had the misfortune to meet.  There are five year olds with a better grasp on reality than her.

She barely understands that she should have researched some of the basics about owning a pet before getting a cat.  Said cat apparently ran away, which implies quite a lot about how it was treated.  Cats tend to not leave their people unless they mean to.

She believes that she must find anything cute to be incredibly disgusting.  However, she still likes cute things.  I am not entirely sure why, but whatever floats her boat.

She despises change; when asked why, she responded with something about how the story of Adam and Eve says that change is bad.  Besides the fact that she rather missed the point - unless it has changed since I last checked, I believe it was about the loss of innocence and the pursuit of knowledge?  Something like that, anyway - change is necessary.  She is going to have to experience some change in her life; you're just not living if you sit all day in your shell.

She has been homeschooled because apparently she was picked on when she was six.  She also happens to believe that anyone who ever went to a public school is a complete meanyfaec who is out for blood.  Not in those words, of course, but still.

To be more precise, she seems to have been homeschooled badly.  Earlier today, she asked me about maternal instinct, so I linked to wikipedia and she wow'd.  She also does not know what communism is, only that it's apparently the cause of all of the world's problems.

She is highly offended by the use of the phrase 'shut up'.  Really, anything that implies that the world may not be perfect tends to make her cry.

She has a bedtime of either eight or nine o'clock.  At seventeen.

What exactly is she going to do once she leaves home in a few months?  Where is she going to be in a few months?  A few years?  She's going to be able to vote soon, and she has little to no understanding of... well... everything.

How can her parents have failed her this badly?  She's got nothing to work with to make something of herself, assuming she even tries.  Who's at fault here?

I think the worst part is that she doesn't even realize how doomed she is.  She seems to get the impression, sometimes, but she's going out into a world where not everything is flowers and buttermilk completely unprepared.
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