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Subject:Fic Recs
Time:06:42 am
right so for my convenience here is a list of some of the better KH fanfics I've found. Yeah. So. list is like nowhere near done; I just kinda need to go off to school D: will continue this list later

KH stuff


By voodoobob

"The Rolling Heart" - KH/Katamari Damacy crossover
"The Continuous Tides" - KH/FFX crossover
"Sixteen" - Sora turns sixteen
"Persistence" - Sephiroth/Roxas
"Naught's Requiem" - postgame, spoilers like whoa, Sora reflects on the events of KHII and his being a jerk

By mythicbeast

"A Taste of the Spoils" OXIII's coats
"Dilemma" - KHII/Gummi Bears
"What Little Boys Are Made Of" - Namine and Antisora
Xaldin + Kitten

By maladaptive

"Good People" - Xigbar/Demyx
"Redecorating" - Demyx tries to redecorate Xigbar's room

By unedited

"All the Precious Things" - a Dusk gets a heart. Sort of.
"Servants of Masters"
"We Do Too" - Demyx and Xigbar :O
"With Dignity" - Roxas, Demyx, and Axel

By harukami

"A Darkened Heart" - KHI!Riku
"I Wanna See / Wanna See Them Dancing" - Demyx and Ariel
"Loose Ends" - Postgame; Sora goes to the Underworld to Make Some Things Right
"Beach Party" - Followup to Loose Ends
"A Manner of Decay" - Victorian London AU. What.
"Memory" - DiZ, Namine, Riku, Roxas
"Music to Tame"
"The Numbers"
"Nursery Rhymes (for Twelve Dead Children)" - OXIII fic
"Spam" - Riku does not like spam.
"Talk About the Replica"
"Thick as Thieves" - Demyx and Hermes
"Yen Sid's Heart" - Marluxia/Yen Sid. :[

By libekory

"Earl Grey" - LesserNobody!Tea Party.

By tabitha_dornoc

"And, Well" - "Ansem" realises that he did something really dumb
"There Wasn't" - AU, Axel, Sora, Roxas, Roxas/Axel
"What This Is" - Axel and Kairi during the whole KIDNAPPING thing
"Wildcard" - Namine on Castle Oblivion
"Witch's Favour" - Axel and Namine

By laylah

"All the Points of the Compass" - Luxord and Barbossa
"Hard on the Nerves" - Roxas goes to Halloween Town
"Helping Out" - Roxas and the Org
"Lucky Thirteen" - Luxord thinks about Roxas
"Meddling" - KH AU/FFVII crossover; Sora and Sephiroth
"Starting at Shadows" - Pre-darkness!I-VI

By rabbitprint

six for gold: riku and ansem
"All Good Truths" - Xemnas, Xigbar; KHII/Tailchaser's Song
"Baker's Dozen" - Larxene
"Mirror, Mirror" - Saix
"Parasomnia" - Xemnas, Xaldin (Xemnas/Xaldin)
"Pastoral Symphony in Blue Minor" - pre-darkness!Demyx :O
"Real Things" - Xaldin and Demyx
"Suicide King" - Demyx, Luxord
"True Magic" - Luxord; KHII/The Last Unicorn
"An Unreasonable Desire to Live" - Saix; set in Magpies-verse
"Imaginary Friends" - Roxas and Axel
"Inverse Mass" - Xemnas and Xaldin (Xaldin PoV)
"Scheherazade" - Namine and the Organization
Luxord and Lexaeus, 'seasons'
Axel, 'ambivalence' - Axel/Demyx
Vexen and Larxene, 'power struggle'

By yashahime

"Limits" - Axel and Demyx
"Self-Analysis" - Vexen


"If At First You Don't Succeed...", by pengiesama - Ansem/Xehanort, Sora/Riku
"First Impressions", by rem_sama - Axel on stuff :O
"Daring to Disturb", by reversedhymnal - Axel, Sora, Roxas (Roxas/Axel), mild AU
"Colour the Tale Between the Lines", by dappled_light - Namine; KH/Princess Tutu
"Believe in the Kingdom Come"

Chaptered Fics

"Disorganization", by Esse
"The Sixth Hour", by refracting - Axel and Roxas
"A Sorrow of Magpies", by rabbitprint - OXIII fic (spoilers like burning)

OTHER (because I can't get by without reccing comics D:)

"Even Villains Need Groceries" - Organization XIII goes shopping



By Negrek

"Broken Metronome" - Clefable angst D:

By Saffire Persian

"The Ties that Bind"

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy V

"A Farewell To The Throne Of Tycoon", by voodoobob - post-game FFV fic about Faris and Lenna

Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy XII

By rabbitprint

"But the Wind is Free" - FFXII AU, Ashe/Fran
"The First Five Battles of Judge Drace" - the Judges

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[icon] Fic Recs - what was that again...? — LiveJournal
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