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Good morning, LJ, and I'm surskitty and these are your morning announcements. I'm a moderately-flaky lurker of many things fandom, and if I just added you, that's probably because I find something in your blog interesting! ... Or possibly because I'm a fish. It's a mystery.

I usually tag my entries, though rarely usefully for people not-me, and the majority of my posts are one-liners that would probably make more sense on Twitter. So yes!

I occasionally add fic I like to memories; we'll see how long that lasts. Fic I post goes either in erraticmargins or on AO3; I do not, however, mirror things because I am a special snowflake.

I EDIT STUFF FOR MY ICONS AND WILL DO IT BY REQUEST. I also sometimes add some icons to my LJ scrapbook but LJ is a bum who does not usually let me log onto scrapbook, so only sometimes.

ARTWORK GOES HERE and I apologize for gratuitous Pokémon forum post but at least it's all in one place. UNLIKE SOME THINGS . . .

I have a dreamwidth, though I do not believe in crossposting! Different things get posted between them; you will just have to deal. This one's more daily life sort of thing; that one's anything my mum wouldn't care about.
Tags: age[ru], let's talk about me, stuff nobody cares about, welcome to my journal
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