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In Which I Nitpick at a Minor Detail That Is Only Noticable in the Official Artwork Anyway

In particular, Filo's shoes. These shoes.

Now, as far as shoes in a jRPG go, especially for a female character, I can't really be expecting the embodiment of practicality. Especially not in a game where the resident archer/ranger/martial-artist bunnygirl (as well as the rest of the viera, really) is wearing high heels despite living in the jungle and honestly having plenty of reasons to be wearing something more appropriate.

However, it seems extraordinarily unwise for Filo to be wearing... whatever those are. She gets around on a flying surfboard and she can fly over more or less anything, from lava to open spaces where if she falls, it will be a very, very long drop. Floating series of islands, after all. How much traction can those shoes be providing? Not much, I'd guess. It'd probably be more effective for Filo to just go barefoot.

Why yes, I am complaining about the shoes of a character in a sprite-based game.
Tags: [game] final fantasy xii, rants, stuff nobody cares about
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