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Why yes, I do pay too much attention to some things!

Don't get me wrong: I am quite happy that Captain Olimar is going to be in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

However, there is the issue of scale. That right there is an image showing Olimar in Brawl.

My issue? Olimar is way too tall. I understand that they'd have to scale Olimar up - he being canonically the size of a quarter would be a bit of an issue - but why make him near the same height as Diddy Kong and not much shorter than Mario? It's like Kirby's scale-up except worse: at least Kirby's a foot tall or so. Anyway, Olimar would probably work better as a lightweight rather than a middleweight, seeing as his usual mode of attack in the games is to throw Pikmin and occasionally run up to beasties and punch them to death. His punches, of course, do very little damage and are completely ineffectual against many creatures, making him only useful against, let's say, small Bulborbs and the Puffstool.

Now, I wouldn't want him to be Olimar-sized, seeing as he'd be basically in permanent Super Tiny Melee, but Tiny-Melee-sized would be reasonable, as would just putting him at around the size of the smallest SSBM character - Pichu, I think? - and going with that. One of Olimar's few strengths in the Pikmin games is that he's small, even when compared to the monsters. He can easily hide underneath a Beady Long Legs, for example, and throw Pikmin up onto it, and even against things that &heart; projectiles don't hit him if you're careful to run for cover when necessary. I'm fairly sure that making him be smaller than the rest of the Smashers would be a good idea, rather than whatever size he is in those screencaps.

I am, at least, v. happy that Olimar is going to be in SSBB and hoping quite thoroughly that there's a Pikmin 3 for the Wii. Because that would be awesome.

Also, I looked on recently and there was no Olimar/Louie slash. Or Olimar/President. Or President/Louie. People ship Tetris blocks but not Pikmin characters? Amazing.
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