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Two Entries in a Row? New record, for here.

Well, this is something that I'm not sure if the people I actually know will understand why I care. So you can probably stop reading and go do whatever.

Okay, so Nate/Clu/N.J. Styles/IdioticPiggyBank/whatever else you know him as, well, you know how I've considered him a friend for a while? Like, one of the people I'd talk to if I had a problem, or just ((*gasp*)) wanted to chat? A week or two ago, I don't know when exactly, but I could look it up, during the Mewchu thing on The Cave of Dragonflies, I ended up really POing him. I appolgized, and I was thinking, okay, let's just forget about that. Or something. Because I'm usually like we live 'n learn, y'know? Well, a few days later, he basicly ignores me, I comment to someone else, asking if they know if anything's wrong with Nate. So I learn that he basicly doesn't feel like talking to me, and I'm fine with that; I brush people off sometimes, too.
Well, there's the backstory.
Earlier tonight, I said hi, didn't really say much, and he told me not to post in his sprite thread at all anymore. Which implies that he doesn't like me, is ticked off with me, or something. And now I'm confused. It doesn't exactly help with my mood((check previous day's entry, and that more sunk in today/yesterday night)), and I'm not feeling great, so..... *sigh* Gimme a break, Giant Spork in the Sky or whatever's out there. If there's some supreme being, may they be flipped off. FLIP THEM OFF, I SAY!
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