surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Tag Descriptions

Okay, so. I tag things a lot! Okay, I tag things sometimes. And I suppose not everything is immediately obvious. As such, here's a list of some of the ones that might not be immediately apparent. Or they might be. Either way.

I do have tags other than the ones listed. However, for the most part, they aren't tags I use that much and probably are better left ignored.

Dated out of order to be at the top. Imageboard-related stuff gets everywhere, eh?
because ___ is made of win
Probably relates to me trying to get people to look at something or other. Might be fandom-related, might not.
brb fleeing from the scene of the crime
So far, I've only used it for quoting mom when she didn't want me to quote her. MIGHT HAVE SIMILAR USES LATER.
complain complain complain
Whining about something. Probably irrelevant.
If I ever post something related to writing, this is where it'd be.
fic recs
Where my fic recommendations might go. You might want to also check my account.
giant list of death
Any list that doesn't fall in the category of "meme." May or may not actually be long.
go forth and join my fandom
Probably used at the same time as because ___ is made of win, but definitely fandom-related rather than only possibly.
help i'm being oppressed
How dare there be restrictions placed on what I can or cannot do!
i'm just that awesome
Another similar thing related to stuff nobody cares about but centered on me. Because I'm just that awesome, you see?
icon dump
I can and do make icons periodically.
let's talk about me
Similar to i'm just that awesome except not necessarily me basking in my glory.
Tags: goes in the email field, sage[ru], welcome to my journal
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