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[22:58:45] surskitty: So. Spot had a seizure about two hours ago.
[23:08:33] gozer_and_zuul: What?!
[23:08:44] surskitty: Yeah um I'm confused too
[23:08:55] surskitty: <surskitty> atypical seizure, unknown cause, etc etc, return to vet if it happens again tonight but should be fine with waiting until the morning to get bloodwork dealt with where we have insurance
[23:09:01] surskitty: <surskitty> Probably not epilepsy since she's kind of old for a first epilepsy-related seizure and it was atypical anyway
[23:09:22] surskitty: Probable causes involve stuff blood-related somehow so we're taking her to the vet in the morning
[23:09:44] gozer_and_zuul: Oh, poor puppy
[23:09:56] surskitty: Indeed D:
[23:10:20] surskitty: apparently when she had her seizure she was trying really hard to get to my room. unfortunately she couldn't really move effectively
[23:10:49] gozer_and_zuul:'re making me all wibbly
[23:11:05] surskitty: Yes well I have been wibbly, nervous, and freaking for the past two hours
[23:11:08] surskitty: I FEEL LIKE SHARING
[23:11:15] gozer_and_zuul: No, no, you should!

Yeah um no freaking idea.
Tags: oshit spare the animals, wh-what is that... that thing, what is this shit
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