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Music Meme

Yeah, you know the drill.

HINT: Videogames. Videogaaaames.

1. "incendite tenebras mundi" — Nobuo Uematsu? - Liberi Fatali — arcaneretsu
2. "now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night"
3. "kishikaisei / riraitoshite / imi no nai souzou mo kimi o nasu gendouryoku" — ...dunno offhand - Rewrite — noworkingtitle
4. "don't ask me why / i don't need a reason"
5. "(wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I)" — Utada Hikaru - Passion/Sanctuary — kiraboo
6. "na na na na na na na na na lalalala lalala"
7. "can you extract me from my plastic fantasy" — Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy — elnigma
8. "futari te wo tori aruketa nara" — ...dunno offhand - Suteki da ne — saffire_persian
9. "there's a place where you dream you'd never find" — Live and Learn - Crush 40 — arcaneretsu
10. "Shizuka ni deguchi ni tatte" — Utada Hikaru - Hikari — saffire_persian
11. "life in plastic / it's fantastic" — Aqua - Barbie Girl — midnitesaboteur
12. "well, don't be blind to the big surprise / swimming round and round like the deadly hand / of a radium clock at the bottom of the pool" — I dunno - Private Idaho — elnigma
13. "katamete korogasu I love you, itsudemo smile for you / kimi dake ni love moon hey so! ganbaranakucha / compression, compression"
14. "I see the chaos for everyone / who are we / what can we do"
15. "could it be the sacred wind / that's calling me to now begin / to walk into the dark / carrying the light of tomorrow" — ...dunno offhand, FFCC opening - Sound of the Wind — saffire_persian
16. "check it up, funk it up, minna damatte ore ni tsuite koi, yeah / check it up, funk it up, minna hisshi de ore ni tsuite koi, come on"
17. "and we're out of beta / we're releasing on time" — Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive — midnitesaboteur
18. "what's left of me / what's left of me now" — Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary — saffire_persian
19. "follow me on my path to the heights / before the shadows fade into night"
20. "sore wa sukimakazefuku koharubiyori no koro deshita"
21. "let's lop up to make a single star in the sky"
22. "what kind of magic spell to use / slime and snails / or puppy dogs tails / thunder or lightning" — David Bowie - Magic Dance — noworkingtitle
23. "owaru made wa zutto sou kokode (matteiru)"
24. "chiokaze niurikai me wo tojireba" — dunno, FFCC ending - Starry Moonlit Night — noworkingtitle
25. "an open door leading the worlds you long to explore" — ...dunno offhand, was in FFXII - Kiss Me Goodbye — saffire_persian
26. "here comes a stingray / there goes a manta-ray / in walked a jelly fish / there goes a dogfish / chased by a catfish / in flew a sea robin / watch out for that piranha / there goes a narwhale / HERE COMES A BIKINI WHALE!" — The B-52's - Rock Lobster — kiraboo
27. "my last night here for you / same old songs, just once more"
28. "and you can tell / from the state of my room / that they let me out too soon / and the pills that i ate / came a couple ye ars too late" — Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism — kiraboo
29. "the devil tips his hat to me / i do it all because i'm evil / and i do it all for free / your tears are all the pain i'll ever need" — Voltaire - When You're Evil — kiraboo
30. "that poison goes better with grenadine / that deceit's always lovely with lime" — ThouShaltNot - True Love — kiraboo
Tags: brb showing off my lame muzak, look at me: i'm on the bandwagon, memes: because no one cares
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