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I really, really hate a couple of pairings* in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fandom. While I am not going to bitch to everyone who writes those pairings, I do wish that they did some research on incest (yes, incest) and at least knew of the Westermarck effect. Lambo and I-pin are probably not going to get together in the future - they are, after all, both small children living in the same general area during the critical period - and yes, it most likely would count as 'incest' as far as they're concerned. No, they aren't related, but go ask someone if they have any interest in banging their adoptive siblings. It's still incest. They aren't related by blood, but it is incest and I really wish that people wrote it with that in mind.

And that applies to most pairings between I-pin or Lambo and anyone else bumming around Tsuna's house, too. Futa's old enough that it's not as completely unlikely (and squicky as far as I'm concerned) that he would end up with anyone in Tsuna's house, but Lambo and I-pin?

I do, however, find Lambo or I-pin being paired up with anyone who is merely living in Tsuna's general area to be vaguely plausible. So Reborn, Tsuna, or each other are out; Futa is unlikely although he's often not there; Bianchi and Gokudera might be out or might not be, depending on where one thinks that they reside; Kyoko, Ryohei, Haru, Hibari, Mukuro, Chrome, Ken, Chikusa, etc are all reasonable.

Of course, any pairing can theoretically be done well by a good author, but the likelihood of someone doing a good job does depend a lot on a pairing's plausibility. And as far as I'm concerned, these aren't the most plausible. This probably relates to I really hate incestuous pairings, but what really bothers me is that it seems that a lot of people don't seem to realize that hey, that is incest. Handle it like it's incest and I won't be as bothered by it, but um. Just note that it is.

Also this could probably be a whole lot easier if one just decided that for their story, it would be an AU where Hey, I-pin and/or Lambo were not living in Tsuna's house for who knows how long! It's a bit of a cop-out, but it's not like there's a great reason for why I-pin and Lambo are hanging around Tsuna's house anyway. If I was writing Lambo/I-pin (unlikely but hey), I'd probably just go with I-pin went somewhere else for a while and they weren't raised together from a young age. After all, ten-years-later Lambo did lecture on alternate universes in canon.

* Pairings in general that weird me out are Lambo/I-pin, Reborn/Lambo, and honestly just Lambo or I-pin with anyone living in Tsuna's house. :[
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