surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Ich habe eine einhornen im meinen lungen.

<Shiva64> ... and hopping on it like a madman is just making me look stupid D:
<Xikaze> XD
<Xikaze> pretend you are a father penguin
<Xikaze> and the suitcase is the egg
<Shiva64> ...
<Shiva64> you'd think with my weight, it'd be enough. :(
<Xikaze> except instead of wanting to save the baby you want to kill it because you're not ready for parenthood
<Xikaze> so you want to crush the suitcase
<Xikaze> also waddle around
<surskitty> xikaze
<surskitty> please don't make surskoots laugh when they are coughing up lungs :[
<surskitty> it never helps D:
<Shiva64> ...XD
<Xikaze> D:
<Koori_Renchuu> XDD
* Xikaze hugs surskoots
* Xikaze squeezes tightly so the demon or whatever it is in your lungs comes out
<Xikaze> unicorns
* surskitty coughs up lungs :[
<surskitty> ... I have unicorns in my lungs?
<Xikaze> possibly
<Xikaze> that may be the reason they hurt
<surskitty> I /am/ in the same channel as Shiva.
<Xikaze> I don't think she is to blame, however
<surskitty> yes but if I have unicorns in my lungs
<surskitty> maybe they are trying to get away

Blame feralig8tr for the title. And a tag.
Tags: ich habe eine einhornen in meinen lungen, let's talk about me, oh #tcod how i love thee, why am i posting this, why yes i did think this was funny
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