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ITP: Squeeing About Nonsense

I'm not sure entirely how this came up - read: midnitesaboteur mentioned it - but I kind of miss the various Pokémon manga. In particular, The Electric Tale of Pikachu series. And Magical Pokémon Journey. Okay and Pokémon Adventures is great too.

I should probably try to find the tankoubon of The Electric Tale of Pikachu somewhere. I have almost all of the issues, but they're from when I decided that my black and white comics were slightly boring so I took out crayons and tried colouring them. Badly. And anyway, I’m not sure where they are and I don’t think I ever got Electric Pikachu Boogaloo pt 3....

And I should probably actually buy some more of Pokémon Adventures.... I have a couple of issues - A Glimpse of the Glow, Bulbasaur, Come Home!, Gyarados Splashes In!, As Gastly As Before, and Blame It On Eevee for sure - but I kind of want to pick up the collections at some point. Especially the bits with the Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres hybrid caused by the magical power of the eight badges. Also the entire Yellow arc. Crossdressing magical Spanish-speaking clerics OF THE VIRIDIAN FOREST. \o/ And she catches Pokémon by magically directing her Pokéballs using a fishing rod! It's great; if you've never read it, you should.

Do Yellow and Gold ever meet up? They both have magical "let's direct Pokéballs using long sticks" abilities. Yellow has her fishing rod; Gold has his pool cue.

Also I never read much of Magical Pokémon Journey and this makes me sad.

In other news, Reborn! is still great. THE BABY WAS IN THE FRIDGE but don't worry, he's fine. I think. Is this the prelude to a wonderful Spanner + Reborn alliance in the goal of Getting Tsuna to Stop Sucking? Will Spanner continue giving candy to children? Seriously, check Tsuna's hands in chapter 187: he's holding a lollipop (still wrapped) in every panel. And it matches Spanner's usual lollipops. Don't give candy to children, Spanner, although since you're already a creepy bastard anyway, I don't think it makes much of a difference.

ETA: Am playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney again. Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings. Edgeworth is still gay, and apparently Will Powers stars in a series called Pink Princess. That is not a mental image I needed ever.
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