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I feel kinda weird. I'm not entirely sure why. I've just been in a funk all day....

We were watching John Q in AP Government today and Wednesday. It's not a bad movie, although the female characters are altogether too flat and only actually good for nagging. I disliked pretty much all of the main characters except for the Spanish lady up until, eh, I dunno, near the ending bit. It's not exactly very good either: as such, today, when we were watching the ending of it, I just played Tales of Phantasia for the entire class period. After that, we watched something or other about hockey, I dunno, I didn't pay attention. That movie was just crappy. Had no redeeming qualities that I could see, other than "it's based on a true story!!11!" Ugh.

I also played Golden Sun for a bit during lunch but my copy of it - that I got used - doesn't seem to work very well. I got bored of fighting with it after the first time it froze, which is why I was playing Tales of Phantasia during AP Gov. Tales of Phantasia, by the way, seems like crap. Or at least the translation is crap. And the main character's parents die for no good reason very early on. And then he gets kidnapped. It's pretty stupid, really, but I think it's on the "amusing" side of "this is really corny". In fact, I think it'd be less entertaining if the script was less godawful. It's currently hovering on the border of "okay yeah this is just sad" and "... this is actually pretty entertaining" and was firmly on the 'entertaining' side up until Cress got kidnapped. I think I got up 'til Mint joined my party, or a bit past that.

Aaand I've been playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy thing lately. Wow, has it really been ten years since it came out? I've been mainly using a Rain Dance deck, although I also have a Damage Swap + Curse deck and an electric-mono bench-hitting deck that I have currently dubbed "Shark Fence". Sadly, no sharks are involved. I've been trying to complete my collection: I'm missing two cards in Laboratory and two in Evolution. 'tis a pity, 'tis a pity, but hey. I wonder if there's any chance of a remake! Even a fangame remake. Alternatively a fan-translation of the sequel.

My current "List of Games I Own and Should Get Around to Playing Sometime This Year, Honest" includes Suikoden III, Suikoden V, Suikoden Tactics, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Legendia (assuming I can get past the corn or at least the corn gets funnier again), Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and possibly God of War 2. Oh, and I should probably finish Super Smash Bros Brawl. ... and Pokémon Battle Revolution. And update my website!

I started reading D.Gray-Man recently! It seems... okay, I suppose. From my experience as audience (I should really app shouldn't I D:) at CFUD, I'm probably going to be mostly bored until the various Noah start actually showing up. I read up to the end of chapter 24 before I got bored and started looking through Katekyo Hitman Reborn! screenshots for my amusement and the sake of linkspamming, and so far I like Rhode. I'd have difficulty caring less about Allen Walker or Rinali thus far, however. Or Kanda. Allen Walker seems like generic "hero with a heart of gold, or at least lead with a gold patina" and Rinali and Kanda just haven't done anything that would let me tell them apart so far or care. Ah well, I rarely like the heroes or at least semi-heroic main characters anyway. Maybe I'll change my mind later!

... or maybe I'll just wait until Devit and Tyki and so on show up. EITHER WAY~~ Anyone who's actually read through DGM know around when they start doing things?

According to the chapter 192 spoiler post at hitman_reborn, the latest chapter of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! promises to have a surplus of badass. Maybe Gokudera will actually win in a fight for once! Certainly, being able to use five different flame types at once is kind of a large advantage. ... has anyone used mist or sky flames for anything yet? Other than like Tsuna's various badass moves of badass and uh. Actually I can't think of mist flames being used for anything ever other than the time rainbows sprouted from Viper's hands. Damn, the Battle for the Ring of Sky was long! No wonder I didn't bother watching the anime version until Tuesday: it was NINE EPISODES. But Viper's tentacle-riffic attacks and the whole "oh noez the rings are on fire and are SPROUTING RAINBOWS while Viper is holding them and talking about getting a bonus" thing was entertaining. OH WELL maybe we'll get lucky and actually find out what they do.

Or maybe Gokudera will lose this fight too by a fluke and then emo about how he is a BURDEN ON THE TENTH again. Either way: it's not like Gamma is lacking in badass. But it'd be really sad if Gokudera lost the rematch with Gamma, too.... Guy needs a confidence boost and less emo.

ETA: Forgot to include the bit that led to the inclusion of 'stupid puns itt': according to midnitesaboteur, "koro koro" is the Japanese sound effect for 'rolling'. Koronero 8D Which led to an epic discussion about a Katamari Damacy AU of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! with, among other things, Futa as the Prince, Lussuria as the King of All Cosmos, Nana as the Queen, and Colonnello as either a Katamari or a Cousin. Belphegor should totally be a Cousin that wants to usurp the Prince's position. 8D 'cause he's a prince, ushishishi.

Also Mukuro's image song - Kufufu no Fu - is epic in a scarring way. Trufax. He wants to dance an eternal samba. Kufufu, kufufu, kufufu no fu~~
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