surskitty (surskitty) wrote,


Trying to catch a Modest Heatran without using Masterballs (as I already used one of the two I had on Cresselia since I was trying for a Calm or Bold one which meant that I had to save before triggering her awakening which meant that I had to hunt her down and catch her fairly quickly since I could not save). Have not spent five minutes on any given try yet, but I'm only on try three.


ETA: Try three did it. Let me show you Hiidoran~~ He's my new box-friend.

So now I have a Modest Heatran and a Calm Cresselia in the event that I ever try going into competitive battling. Happily, neither fall in the ubers category, but unfortunately one of my main party members does horribly in standard and can only function in ubers. Poor Shedinja: flying, dark, fire, ghost, and rock (rock especially) are so common. Plus Sandstorm. Killed by Tyranitar and Hippowdon without even a chance at survival.
Tags: [series] pokemon, an exercise in futility, let me show you my pokemonz
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