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So. I'm currently away from home for a bit - dad had some sort of training type thing to do for a week in Nowhere, Pennsylvania, so here I am in a random hotel room with my desktop - and am quite bored. The hotel seems to be pretty good - functional kitchen somewhat smaller than mom's (but it does have a dishwasher), free foodstuffs (including alcohol, not like that matters to me, but hey, I'm amused it's there) in the lobby, etc - but it's still in the middle of nowhere. Not much to do other than sit at the PC or walk the dogs.

If all goes well, I'll remember to do some stuff I've intended on doing sometime this week, but I might not. Hopefully I'll at least remember to finish + polish that RP application I've been working on periodically for like a month. Ugh, why am I too lazy to write 300 words? It's three hundred words! That's it! And the really stupid thing is that if I don't have it done by sometime on Friday, I won't have another opportunity until December. >:| Need to stop procrastinating and write the damn thing! the main issue I'm having is that I keep dying a little inside. I know it'd be fun and hilarious but uh dying inside. It's still a good idea though.

Going to bed, though. midnitesaboteur, noworkingtitle, anyone else who reads this who cares at all, please to be yelling at me until I finish that thingy. :[ Because I will forget again.
Tags: let's talk about my life, mostly-serious post is serious, planeswalker, procrastination for fun and profit, quest-giving npc, roleplaying-related
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