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I kind of felt that posting some fanfic would be a great idea? A sizable amount of this is unedited, but I think I skipped most of the ones that were complete crap. ALSO this is a lot of flash fic. It's mostly one-liners, but hey, there're a few longer things towards the end. Comments are greatly appreciated, but eh.

... also I find it very relevant that at the top of the .txt file where I store this and some other stuff, I wrote "These exist to hurt people. Mainly myself." HERE IS YOUR WARNING

There is little that Gokudera would not do to show his loyalty, but he is confused when Tsuna (for a bet, courtesy of Reborn) asks him to put on a dress. Still, if it's for the Tenth....

"Um, Lissuria, I don't think that remote goes there...."

Shamal stared, sighed, stared again, and looked like he wanted to die. "I don't know how it happened - and I really don't want to know, either, because that's gross and I'm a doctor and I know it doesn't work that way - but Hayato, you're pregnant."

Upon discovering that Gokudera had both switched genders and got a pet cat, Shamal found it difficult to resist the urge to call out, "Hey, Hayato! Nice pussy!"

And so, Haru found herself as the vice president of the Tsuna Fan Club, much to her dismay: clearly she should've been first. Damn you, Gokudera.

As soon as Futa leaves the trance, he resolves to insist on hearing what people want to ask ahead of time. The ranking planet has no need to learn of their "abilities" and Futa worries that his reputation may never recover.

Tsuna stared. Ryohei had apparently watched too many cliche superhero movies and decided that the 'two fingers to forehead, two fingers on other hand pointing at target' thing was the best idea ever to try. "You will join the boxing club!" he yelled as he practiced his psychic powers.

Tsuna had already realized that his captor probably had a few screws loose (who wakes people up with tea and a rant on what they like about Japan, honestly) but he was still moderately confused by the lollipop. Maybe he could just hold onto it until Spanner was distracted enough that he wouldn't notice that Tsuna had set it down.

Spanner frowned: the kid had jumped him, stole his lollipops, and didn't even flinch when Spanner said, "Would you like some candy, little boy?" He was starting to run out of ideas.

Part of the problem of being No Good Tsuna was the ability to screw up amazingly more or less at random. "Hey, Tsuna? You're not wearing pants."

One of the upsides to living with Reborn was that Tsuna learned very quickly that making sure he always had clean underwear was important. If he might have to go into Dying Will Mode, then it would be a good thing to avoid accidentally flashing everyone. It being Reborn with the gun (and Tsuna's life being what it was), this meant going commando was never a good idea.

"Kangaryuu, I choose you! FIRE PUNCH!" Tsuna very much wished that Pokemon had never existed: then maybe his friends could stop making jokes about the box animals. Not that the boxes seemed to mind.

"A dying will bullet to the groin is the Genderswitch Bullet," Reborn explained calmly to his audience of two males, one female, and one unintentional genderbender.

"Don't worry, Tsuna-san! I'll love you forever even if you are a girl!"

"Dammit, woman! Stop bothering the Tenth!"

"Um, Bianchi-nee, I don't think this is a good idea...." Futa said hesitantly, knowing full well that Bianchi's temper was never a good thing to test at the best of times. While trying to sneak into the Vongola Tenth's base without being spotted or trailed by the Black Spell was not the best of times.

Bianchi smiled serenely and held up a dress. "It'll be fine. Nobody will notice."

Futa resisted the urge to say, 'No, it's not fine, any plan that involves putting on a dress is not a good plan, Bianchi-nee, are you crazy.' Bianchi. Neither the sanest nor the most patient of their assorted allies, although certainly not malignant about it. On the other hand, definitely not worth antagonising. "But Bianchi-nee, I rank 87 out of 512 mafiosi for 'Best Crossdresser!'"

"Who's first?" she said, reaching over for some suitable padding to assist in their endeavour.

He frowned. She might not want to hear the answer, but she did ask and as trigger-happy as she was, she probably wouldn't try to kill him just over this. "... Reborn."

He could have sworn that she had made an appreciative sound at the response, but that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? Why would... wait, train of thought can stay well away from Bianchi and Reborn's exploits, especially given that Reborn was normally in the shape of an infant. Not worth questioning, and definitely not worth thinking about.
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