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So Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift came out fairly recently. It's not that easy to find, but I have a copy~ It's pretty good, so far.

I'm quite fond of the Clan Trials, where you have to complete certain tasks within a certain timeframe and for the most part, they're not the easiest things ever. They're not that hard, but they're not ridiculously easy.

Dispatch missions are now able to be done either by dispatching a group - size depends on mission, of course, but you dispatch a party now, not just one guy - or running over to the location and doing it by hand. Maybe it's just because I'm playing in hard mode, but none of my party members seem to be any good at dispatch missions. Even if they're jumping up and down. The bastards. IF YOU ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN IT MEANS YOU WANT TO DO IT. SO DO IT. DON'T BE A PANSY AND FAIL AT IT REPEATEDLY. At least this isn't a new problem, though: in FFTA, I remember having SO MUCH TROUBLE getting the little jerks to complete their missions. It's FEEDING CHOCOBOS. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY FAIL SO BADLY AT THIS?! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME GO BROKE BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO FEED CHOCOBOS!?

A lot of jobs seem to need to be unlocked now, which is a good move since you can no longer get some of the more broken classes immediately. I don't understand why Black Mage for hume characters now needs one A-ability in White Magic, though. There're a lot of little changes like that, actually, probably for balance. The Morpher class was sadly removed, but then again, when I think about the epic that was the ability to transform into draaaaagons, I can kind of see why. They were useful at best; game-breaking at worst. Guess that removes the need for Hunter abilities in any given party, though.

Luso is also much more bearable than Marche, not like that's difficult. Marche is apparently enough of a jerk that he sees nothing wrong with the idea of sending Doned back to the "real world" (and it's not like the people in the dream of Ivalice aren't people so where's his excuse for possibly destroying it? Sure, Mewt's kind of a jerk in dream Ivalice, but his dad's not an alcoholic and is actually a nice person, his mom isn't dead, and he's basically happy. Ritz finally didn't feel all awkward over being white-haired at age whatever. DONED COULD WALK AND DIDN'T NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL ALL THE TIME. Why the hell did Marche have to try to send them back to the 'real world'? Their lives were better and they made neat friends! WHERE IS THE PROBLEM) while Luso is just kind of dumb. And obnoxious. But he isn't irritating about it. Sure, he wants to go home, too, but he isn't CRUSHING EVERYONE'S DREAMS while doing so.

I love the little continuity nods, by the way. Mr Randell the librarian... and if you check Mewt's stats at the beginning of FFTA, it says he's the librarian's assistant.

Also, I am very happy with the background music. It seems to be a blend of FFTA stuff and FFXII stuff, which is a wonderful combination! I wonder how long until an arranged version of it comes out...?
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