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why you gotta do this to me~~

RE: Spectacular Spiderman or whatever the current spiderman TV show is.

I have liked Batman and Spiderman for a while! I can usually be convinced to watch any given really stupid TV show about either of them! HOWEVER my suspension of disbelief has limits.

It is in no way sensible for a space shuttle to be okay after being hit by a GIANT BOULDER. Yes, the boulder could likely be in LITTLE TINY PIECES after that, but so would the space shuttle. It would not have an (admittedly huge) hole in the heat shielding! Also, there is no way that it would've been able to re-enter the atmosphere like that >:| COME ON, I KNOW IT'S A CARTOON, BUT YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! REALLY! If I see better logic and understanding of physics in Air Gear*, you are doing it wrong. And that's terrible.

Also, I don't care how socially inept Peter Parker is supposed to be: he's not stupid. Tactless, I can understand, but stupid? No. He's not going to incriminate himself and make all of his friends hate him more right after screwing up. Especially not if it's easily avoidable. This should not be news!

RE: ducks
THEY HAVE NAMES NOW after two KHR characters (because most of my pets are named after things, with the exception of Spot, Bandy, and Buzzsaw) because it really fits. So now the black one is Chikusa because (he? she? it? I'm going with 'he' for now for both of them until they're of an age that I can actually tell because Spivak pronouns are only really good if you're not going to be using them constantly) seems quieter and calmer than the other one and is frequently irritated by Ken's constant squeaking. Ken is kind of dumb + prone to trying to eat mulch and never shuts up. Ken also freaks out if I am not currently right near him and will display his freaking-out loudly and repeatedly for quite a while.

Ken is apparently probably a Pekin duck, while I have no idea for Chikusa's breed. The lady who sold them said he's a mallard, but he's clearly not. What kind of duckling is almost entirely black with a yellowish patch on eir chest?


RE: Kateyo Hitman Reborn! chapter 201
ahahahaha did she really bring the five-year-olds and a babysitter for them with her while sneaking into the EVIL ORGANIZATION's secret base? Because that sounds like an epic idea (since they are occasionally useful) and also marks the first time they've done anything useful for more than one panel in the manga since... chapter 98 or 99 for Lambo, chapter 69 for I-pin. The anime had a filler episode recently (episode 85) where Lambo did something involving the current bad guys, but it's been a while anyway, seeing as the anime isn't going to get to where the manga is for a while (as they're moving at close to the same pace).

I've also apparently been following this series since mid-January. Cheers?

* I do not usually read Air Gear, mainly because it seems to be an excuse to shove as much fanservice as possible into a manga about magic rollerblades. Last I checked, the main characters were fighting in costumes to show the strength of their passion to prove themselves to one another after one of them joined a demonic cult as a virgin sacrifice. (The other one, of course, is the demon in charge of said demonic cult.) This is something too ridiculous for me to follow weekly. And I ♥ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! @_@ It doesn't help that I want to kick Ikki, Onigiri, Buccha, Sora, Nike, Aeon Clock, and all of the female characters except for Emiri and Yayoi in the face. Repeatedly. I can tell this is done by a guy.
Tags: [series] air gear, [series] katekyo hitman reborn, [series] spiderman, because ___ is made of win, is there a goose in our future, let's talk about... i forgot, these wounds they will not heal, tsuntsun (deredere not included)
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