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in which surskitty tries to think of something to write about

:'[ one of the ducks was sick so I now have one duck. Except it's currently in noworkingtitle's house. Because he wanted to ducksit. And the duck probably doesn't want to be sitting around all alooone~ for most of the day.

on a happier note, today I delurked a little and posted in a friending meme. Hello, everyone from said friending meme!

also KHR spoilers are for once actually interesting: like so. Took long enough: last few chapters (199 or so through 204) have mostly been boring~ needs more lissuria and squalo and spanner and tsuna without iris :'[
Tags: [series] katekyo hitman reborn, is there a goose in our future, let's talk about... i forgot, memes: because no one cares
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