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I go to bakeries for foodstuffs, not to see random people trying to rip off the bakery. If you're going to be some random jerkface claiming that a store shortchanged you when it's pretty obvious that they, in fact, did not, please do it in a chain or something rather than being a dick at a small-business owner. Better yet, don't do it at all.

I hope the guy's day improved later. I also hope I remember what bakery that was: they had some awesome food but they were kind of far (Takoma Park area). I got iced tea and it was some sort of herbal tea :3 I like it when they care enough to sell tea that isn't generic Lipton "iced tea". The food was great, too. Sadly, they don't sell cream puffs. But they do have neat scones!
Tags: i hate the world, omnomnom
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