surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

... oh, skootPC, why do you keep switching my keyboard layout to japanese? It's silly and makes no sense.

In other news, my spaces were coming out like " " rather than " " :O

In other other news, Pokémon Platinum is still awesome. Even though I can barely understand what they're saying. I do, however, understand enough of the battle messages to have decent movesets and to figure out what Pokémon is being sent out, though! And most of my nicknames make sense. ... most.

RE: RECENT CHAPTERS OF KHR (-216): gtfo Genkishi. :( Your Shellos-y days are over. YOU ARE NOT THAT INTERESTING.
Tags: [series] katekyo hitman reborn, [series] pokemon, smart surskitty is smart, stuff nobody cares about, tsuntsun (deredere not included), useless tagalong translator, why am i posting this
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