surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Dear High School,

Sending me a form back because apparently I did not fill it out to your satisfaction (WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME there were blanks and I filled them) when you demanded that I fill out this form for the sports academy in order to stay afterschool in the library to work on English is dumb.

Having someone fill out a different name section with my first name and a badly-misspelled version of my last name, complete with random Q, is dumber.

Why did you even have me fill out that form in the first place? I do not play sports. I do not intend on playing sports. I do not want your free school food: while it is free, it is school food. I do not want to play ping pong with random people.

No love,
-- B

ETA: wtf #tcod why are you flocking
Tags: adventures with bureaucratic bs, tsuntsun (deredere not included), wrong side of bed, wtf
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