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Ganked from tailsy~ Comment to get five things I associate with you, then elaborate on them in your journal. Repeat as necessary~

KHR -- I have a huge huge huge tendency to pick one series at a time and focus on it. It was Pokémon for a while, then Sonic the Hedgehog, then Invader ZIM, then Kingdom Hearts, then Reborn!.... I'll devour particular series if they catch my interest somehow, but really, I need a fandom and preferably for it to be on-going for it to last very long. KHR's got both. The fandom, as dumb as it is a lot of the time, does result in awesome frequently; the comic itself is frequently made of fail (hello, past thirty or so chapters, nice day, isn't it?) but they always manage to make it awesome enough for me to not give up on it. Like the fight with Genkishi that would not end! It was terrible on so many levels, but there were evil illusion nudibranches and flashbacks to Lissuria and Squalo's epic adventures with amateur photography and parasailing and fights with Carnivine and really everything having to do with Spanner.... It evens out.

Speaking of which, has anyone posted scans of volumes 22 and 23? The whole volumes, I mean, not just the extras.

the word 'scoot' -- I like cutesy nicknames! So I started calling midnitesaboteur "Midnoot" and she started calling me "surskoot" to match.

I am not actually any good at scooting.

LJ roleplaying -- In theory, it's probably my favourite style of text-based because it works well for all sorts of things and it's not completely lacking in pictures. I like illustrations. Unfortunately, my RP ADD is strong and so I rarely do it. It doesn't help that most of my original characters are fairly tied to their setting and it needs work enough that I couldn't actually use that for an RP in itself, while fandom RPing's screwed because any character I'd want to play, I can't really write for. That's a lot of why I flaked for caveofdressing, actually: my Mukuro doesn't really ... read as Mukuro. It's closer than some of the ones I've seen, but it's not there enough for me to feel comfortable. So I was going to play a different character, but I don't have enough Viper icons and I don't have enough of a grasp on Basil to play him and I either lack icons or interest for everyone else. Non-KHR stuff wouldn't work, either, as I still don't have enough of a grasp on Yellow to play her and I couldn't RP any Hetalia characters because that would just feel weird and there's nothing else I can think of that I'd want to play.

illnesses -- I am sick a lot with minor things that don't really count except for being a pain in the ass and making me feel like crap. So I'd quite like to complain -- and I do, sometimes! -- but I always feel slightly guilty about it because so many people are genuinely ill rather than just mildly under the weather. Speaking of which, my ears are bothering me again.

ducks!! -- I went to a reptile expo a few months ago and they were selling ducklings, five dollars each, eight dollars for two, ten for three. So dad and I picked up two ducklings. One got sick and there was a thoroughly aggravating adventure where dad, mom, and I tried to find a vet that was willing to put down a completely miserable duckling. Apparently most vets are adamant enough about not treating birds that they're unwilling to kill them, either. Eventually, we went to the pound and they took care of it after a bit of arguing because clearly no one would ever have ducks as pets. Apparently I'm on the wrong side of the pond.

Ken is doing wonderfully and he is completely adorable~ ♡ Or she, rather. She's been laying one or two eggs a day quite consistently! ... I still haven't eaten any. I probably will whenever I know that the egg hasn't been sitting there very long.

Ken would be a terrible mother: she likes laying them in her water dish. Sometimes she makes nests out of mulch and lays there, but usually she just lays them wherever and then complains because there's an egg in her way. Good thing no one's trying for ducklings.
Tags: [series] katekyo hitman reborn, i'm just that awesome, ich habe eine einhornen in meinen lungen, ill: i know i'm shocked, is there a goose in our future, let's talk about rp, procrastination for fun and profit, symmetry is proper and good
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