surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Disgaea & KHR 238

- I updated my top post a bit to include wherever I am currently shoving anything I write that I'm willing to share. ... er. It's not very much and it's entirely fandom-related but hey.
- I got Disgaea a few days ago! The DS remake of the first game, I mean. It is so completely awesome. THERE ARE POLITICAL SIDEQUESTS where you have to get the senators to agree with you by giving them 'gifts' and beating the crap out of them if they argue too much. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT BECAUSE I'M A PRINCE man that would be the worst crossover ever. Randomly generated names for my party members include Fay, Codeine, Laelia, Otto, Bismarck, Quilt, Moloch, Salvia, Tandoori, Silica, Justice, Boss, Verne, and Brigit. I'm kind of wondering if there's a "von" somewhere in the list so I can shove 'm between Otto and Bismarck.
- My Easter Clam -- it'll be orange and blue -- is still not completely done but I should have it by Wednesday unless the ceramics teacher forgets again.
- Today, during art, we had a substitute teacher! This was some Russian guy or another who noticed that my last name is Polish, so he decided to sit at the table I usually use and rant about Russia. It was kind of interesting I guess but it was also odd. wtf Russia guy
- Why is KHR 237 the token LET'S SHOW BOOBS chapter? It's got more fanservice than the LET'S GO TO THE BEACH bit. Really I think it has more male-directed fanservice than the entire rest of the series. Weird.
- KHR 238 is completely awesome. I'm wondering what Byakuran has to do with Pacman, though. Sure, he's evil and apparently eating a sundae (dammit Byakuran) but why does he appear in a cloud of Pacman? That's a lot of Pacman.
Tags: ... okay then, [series] disgaea, [series] katekyo hitman reborn, because ___ is made of win, deredere (but where's the tsuntsun?), everything ever is wrong with this, hell yeah, i'm just that awesome, let's talk about... i forgot, nomura science, stuff nobody cares about, tag overload: please reinstall universe, the more you know!, why am i posting this
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