surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

in which there is Bricking, and later, Debricking

I think I fixed it, though. But yeah my computer kind of pulled a "Well, you're updating, yeah? And you plan on messing around with Skype? TIME TO EXPLOO~DE...!" and then it did. I told dad and he was like "gee that happens to me with Windows all the time." I have no clue why it suddenly bricked.

So yesterday I spent the day debricking my PC. I forgot to check this morning to see how it went, but it should be fine: flypPC is pretty resilient even though it operates on Murphy's Law. On the other hand, skootPC rarely has problems but whenever it does, it has problems and not of the "... well I guess I need to remove/replace one thing or reinstall something" variety. skootPC always goes up in a bang.

Posting from Computer Science, as I do; I had the AP test yesterday so there is pretty much nothing I need to do. "Come on, Stalin!"
Tags: ... okay then, help i'm being oppressed, i am so completely awesome, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, let me show you my skills, sometimes i think it doesn't like me
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