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[icon] what was that again...?
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Subject:in which I rough up small-ish children and feel justified
Time:07:57 pm
<surskitty> So this weekend I went to New Jersey for a cousin's graduation party.
<surskitty> I brought Ken since he can't be left alone for a full day because he needs his water changed every few hours and anyway he'd be very unhappy
<surskitty> a bunch of small children wanted to play with the duck, so he was often out of the box and being watched by people (usually there's an adult nearby but sometimes there wasn't)
<surskitty> at one point, the one cousin I really, really hate (he's 10, an asshole, and has been caught stealing stuff and bullying his classmates and he likes pissing people off, me included) was the only guy near the duck
<surskitty> so I go over to check on the duck since fuck I'm not leaving him alone with the duck if I can avoid it since yeah asshole
<surskitty> turns out Ken's trying to eat plastic and the kid's just sitting there laughing at him
<surskitty> so I take the plastic away -- the kid runs off around then -- and make sure Ken's okay, then put him back
<surskitty> so I go back to the table where I'd been sitting most of the day, set down my bag, and tell dad what the cousin did
<surskitty> I get up, walk over to where the cousin is playing softball with a group of other kids, wait for there to be a bit of a break, and shove him against something or another and hold him still so he doesn't run off like he definitely would try to do
<surskitty> and explain that This Shit Will Not Fly
<surskitty> so I say what he did to piss me off and why that is NOT A GOOD THING and that I will beat the shit out of him if he does something that could get one of my pets hurt again
<surskitty> and then I walk away
<surskitty> THE POINT IS my uncle (his father) and a few people completely unrelated to this think I was too harsh and aggressive on this.  What do you think?
<Krait> ...that you should've given Ken a new hat, made out of genuine cousin. =3
<Krait> And that you were entirely justified
<surskitty> yeah this kid is *really a dick*
<surskitty> he was apparently pulling all sorts of bullshit to other people that I didn't see since I spent most of the day at that table or by the duck
<surskitty> the cousins who were throwing the party were pretty much in agreement that if I went off to do that, I probably had a damn good reason
<surskitty> but everyone except his father would take my word over his since yeah
<Krait> Is Ken okay?
<surskitty> Ken's fine.
<surskitty> He didn't actually get to eat the fairly-large piece of plastic.
<surskitty> As far as I know, he didn't actually end up eating anything he shouldn't other than a bit more crackers than I would like him to
<surskitty> and a few crackers aren't going to do anything
<surskitty> he wasn't left alone with people that wouldn't go "... DUCK, DON'T EAT THAT" for very long so
<surskitty> there were a *lot* of small children paying attention to the duck but everyone else was very careful
<surskitty> they were all like *_* "CAN I PET HIM" "yes, but do it like this [demonstrates]" and then they would
<surskitty> and Ken was for the most part like >D I AM GETTING ATTENTION but D< THE BASTARDS AREN'T GIVING ME PEAS

What do you think?
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Time:2009-07-13 12:40 am (UTC)
shit, remind me never to piss you off
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Time:2009-07-13 04:47 am (UTC)
hey I am very hard to actually piss off

this kid has actively tried to piss me off for years, picks on my cousin, steals my cousin's stuff, and then messes with my duck

no one messes with my pets, particularly not if I already have reason to be furious at them and really an excuse to whack him

that would fall into the category of Not Cool

also Not That Smart

He had it coming, really.
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Time:2009-07-13 04:59 pm (UTC)
You are a saint. If it had been someone messing with, say, one of my cats, let alone a child like that, well. Blood might spill. :( Fuckin' small children shouldn't be around animals until they learn to control themselves. Ugh.

Your duck sounds very pleasant. :) I miss my ducks. Now I've just got Sunny and he's a cantankerous goose to everyone but me. Hooray for rural pets? Haha.
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Time:2009-07-13 06:30 pm (UTC)
I don't have high hopes for him learning to respect animals at all. He's ten and he hasn't learned respect for other people at all, much less pets.

Hah, Ken's a duck in the suburbs. [S]he's pretty friendly and agreeable, most of the time, though she gets pissy and tries pulling out leg or arm hairs periodically.

Ducks are awesome.
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[icon] what was that again...?
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