surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

& hawaii trip is probably go

everything's packed, I am reasonably sure. if not, it's close enough to packed to count by my standards.

most of this has gone smoothly thus far. dad left his wallet while trying to get food for the snakes, though, and *someone* flaked on watching the duck and I didn't hear about it until... well, earlier today, when I was asking if it'd be fine if I brought the duck over around then. nice job telling me in advance there --;

possibly flaking out on khr_undercover though I damn well hope not. will try to finish on the plane and find an internet connection somewhere. I've got my converter and my dongle; I'm doing what I can.

don't be surprised if I don't show up for two weeks, though in case I do, things I should definitely do? totally up for suggestions here. will probably be on the big island mainly: volcanoes are freaking awesome

rewatching Princess Tutu while waiting
Tags: is there a goose in our future, planeswalker, sometimes i forget my tags, tags i never use
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