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Just Plain Odd

Good news: I effort trained dad's Metagross. Now it's level 50, Adamant, maxed Attack, 12 EP in HP, and the rest in Speed. It knows Meteor Mash, Psychic, Earthquake, and Brick Break. Now to finish that stupid Wobbuffet.....
Weird news:
POKEMON Causes Cancer!
Bloody hell, this thing's hilarious. They named a gene that possibly causes cancer "POKEMON".... It stands for POK Erythroid Myeloid Ontogenic factor.
My website was hacked!? Some idiot hacked into my HostingAnime account while I was moving the files to a different hoster and added three pages saying, "(username) owns YOU!". That must of been a waste of time.
Somebody's stealing my webname on Neopets?! They created an account named "surskitty", apparently in my honour, because the person's been ticking me off since August. What an idiot.
Out of 986 results for "surskitty" on Google, only one has nothing to do with me.
Jirachu's IQ dropped!
Relatives sick.... so no Latias, Latios, Deoxys, Ho-oh, or Lugia until..... TWO WEEKS, when we're going to Pokémon Centre, New York, New York. At least I still get to go to the Big Apple for it!
ClicDev's forum hosting sucks!
A new Pokemon discovered! Weird, the name's Rukario, and it looks like a Mewtwo/Anubis/Blaziken thing. Eh.
I still can't find Fire Red....

Bad news:
Still feeling down. Oh well.
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