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Mix It Up Day?

...more like, f*ck it up day.
For those of you whose schools did not honour "National Mix It Up Day", it's a day where some students act like teachers, and some teachers act like students. Also, you're supposed to sit with people you usually don't sit with.
That would be where it went wrong.
Normally, I sit with [DementiaIncarnate], Max, [Gnurdux], and maybe Jordan/other random guy. This is because they're decent people, and we're not the sort of person who chases away others or randomly picks on people other than [Gnurdux]. And him because of the fact he's aggrivating, and if you don't start thinking, "Urge to kill.... rising..." then you must have Nerves of Steel.
Unfortunately, most of the rest of my school *isn't* the sort of person who's like, "Hi, random person! What's your name? Do you like video games?" Most of my school is offensive if you don't fit into their clique. Like there's a group of wannabe sluts, a group of Africans, a group of nerds(my friends and I are a mix of Nerds, Gamers, and Social Outcasts), social outcasts, etc. There's a few people in each group that are like, "oh who cares what others think, hi person, what's your name?" Everyone else, "Ah! Different other person! Go away, [insert insult here]!"

Well, anyway, Mix It Up Day includes assigned seating. More accurately, "draw an index card and sit at that table." I got "Togetherness", which isn't even a word. My table consisted of me, Josie(one of the decent people in the Asians With Honour Roll), and a bunch of the bastards who are more likely to kick someone for being different than give you the time of day.
So I complained to the counselor, about the execution being stupid, my tablemates being stupid, me being a steel wool ball of nerds, etc. She's like, "Oh get over it..." I don't think she realizes that I'm being made fun of, insulted, harassed, stressed out, and ignored almost the entire day. There's English class and Computer Science where I'm not ditched for someone else. That's IT, now that [DementiaIncarnate] and [The Guy With a Nose] have admitted they like each other(we have the same Geometry), and [Ruin_Star]'s always been friends with other people before me (US History).

Oh, have I ranted on US History yet? No? Time for that.
We're currently studying American Values. It's all crap. The Buck Stops Here. Propaganda, brainwashing, and friggin' weird teacher... all in the same Fooning class. Just give me a BREAK. Two years of patriotic numbskulls as the teacher in a ROW. Where's my free pudding, huh? Has there been enough bullsh!t coming out of the school systems rear end yet? Huh? HUH?

...I'm going back to Ivalice...
Tags: adventures with the land of busywork, drama drama drama, let's talk about my life, these wounds they will not heal
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