surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

So I now have an internship for small amounts of money where I'll do mosaics and paint stuff I guess. It should be fun, and it counts for community service, too. So I'll get a bit of money and most of my hours dealt with, and the rest'll be from magically aiding teachers. \o/

Also today there were AUDITIONS for DRAMA CLUB. Which was awesomely awesome except that this one guy who should really know better (he went to the same elementary school that I went to and they always have the fourth graders put on a school production) was an idiot and half of the people there can't currently act their way out of bags. On the other hand, this is high school. No one's really expected to be able to act their way out of a paper bag. Even so....

Also, I love you, LJ Add-ons, for bringing up my art-related icon without me pressing things. You are so psychic ♥
Tags: ... okay then, adventures with the land of busywork, an exercise in futility, because ___ is made of win, forethought is for other people, hell yeah, i am so completely awesome, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, i'm my biggest fan!, let me show you my skills, let's talk about my life, let's talk about... i forgot, my mom is a cruel enabler, mystery plot of fushigi mystery, procrastination for fun and profit, pulling the tsun and dere together, symmetry is proper and good, tag overload: please reinstall universe, the more you know!, use these powers only for good!, your princess is in another castle
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