surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

in which there is much reflection and little action

Slowly but surely, I'm working on the fine art of saving myself time and energy. Also closing tabs. ... okay, I lie about closing tabs; I have around 63 open at the moment. Which is pretty low! Actually it's about 10 lower than it'd've been maybe a month ago, so! ... And I wonder why my computer yells at me.

\o\ I set up my secondary email and the email I sign up with things with (it forwards to my main email; I tried setting that one up, too, but Yahoo! apparently demands that one give them money for the honour of using a proper email client) in Thunderbird and ... sort of trained the spam filter. A little.

Strangely, I keep changing the keyboard settings to Hindi today instead of Japanese. At this rate, I may have to remove a few keyboard options. I do like being able to hit ctrl+shift a few times to type русский язык or 日本語, though. Or at least theoretically I can type in Cyrillic; I'm unfamiliar with the transliteration they're using and I certainly have no idea what I'm doing if I, say, set it to act like a Russian keyboard. ... I should really get around to looking through the Learn Russian book kiraboo gave me for my birthday more, but then I haven't gotten much farther with German or Japanese lately, either. I've practiced Japanese more than German, but mainly kanji (through Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten) and not much of that, either.

I still need to bind a key I don't use to alt-gr on this computer.... I did it on flypPC a while ago (with the right-alt, though I do apparently use that, so I think I may bind it to Insert or whatever the key brings up the right-click menu instead. Only the right-click key is potentially useful as I try to avoid using my mouse more than necessary, so I suppose it'd be Insert. I never intentionally click that.), but I haven't gotten around to it on pinaPC. Possibly it's piñaPC, rather than pinaPC, but I might as well give it a proper name. Whenever flypPC's replaced with a different box (hopefully not anytime soon, though the monitor's half-dead and is being replaced with a much larger one), I might name it albertoPC. It'd probably only be funny to me, but that's who matters there, right?

It snowed today.
Tags: i'd be a geek if i was cooler, ich habe eine einhornen in meinen lungen, tl;dr, why do i keep making more tags
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