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I am so awesome.

So today in DIgital Art we started our vector graphics project: trace a raster image and make it be a vector image. Me being me, I spent the first ten minutes of class figuring out how to get Illustrator* to automagically trace my base image (radishes; who is surprised?) into vectors. :D

Everyone else was completely baffled by Illustrator (and by trying to do the same thing in Photoshop) so I went to help people! for that is what I do. So first I was showing people how to do it properly and then I was demonstrating how to get the computer to do it**. For some reason this assignment has now been cancelled.

Also I showed the teacher my trick for accessing .doc files on computers without Word or OpenOffice: upload it to Google Docs tada. :D So now she can access her lesson plans from the past few years in this classroom. SUCCESS

* I've never used Illustrator before, okay. I have problems with Illustrator and Photoshop because I'm used to using Inkscape and GIMP and not everything's in the same menu. Don't judge me!
** The teacher was entirely aware of this and approved. Illustrator is confusing! ... possibly. Certainly it's confusing for a group of not-exactly-tech-savvy art students.
ETA (which is not a footnote): I think I made three or four new tags just for this post. I think I may need therapy.
Tags: ... okay then, 90% of art is delegation, an exercise in futility, brb fleeing from the scene of the crime, forethought is for other people, i am so completely awesome, i footnoted your mom, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, i'm my biggest fan!, in soviet russia kludge do you, let me show you my skills, symmetry is proper and good, the more you know!, use these powers only for good!, why do i keep making more tags
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