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I seem to have been playing Pokémon a lot lately! Second day in a row that the DS Lite's complained about battery power. More tellingly, my Pokédex is up by around 25 caught and I now have a Luxray, Banette, Linoone, and Roselia in their 30s-50s (not evolving into Roserade until Kamaitachi smashes up some rocks and gets me some Heart Scales since Bridoof [dad named it; I got my first Kanto/Johto Bidoof right when he finally caught it] didn't get around to evolving until level 50, wtf, worst Budew ever. ... this was entirely during the day, too) when on Wednesday I didn't have a Shinx, Shuppet, Zigzagoon, or Budew.

I've also been robbing Koga's Swalot and Muk blind. 8D One of them carries a leftovers, while the other has a Black Sludge, and while they both have Sticky Hold, that's why I have Bridoof, Shinar (was one of dad's many Shuppet with Frisk and Thief), and Kamaitachi (whee Covet!). Fuck yeah, Worry Seed! Pity I deleted that off of Hana and whatever I named my other Roserade since it turned out to be more or less useless. Oh well.

Mewtwo, Zapdos, and Articuno all need to be shot. I caught Mewtwo and Zapdos eventually but they used up around 90 of my Dark (... or Dusk I guess) Balls and by the time I got to Articuno, I was like "... aw damn I have 10 Dark Balls. I'm screwed." I'd even been paralyzing them with Uri the Luxio. Yeah. Luxio. Against Mewtwo. Happily, the dumbass kept using Guard Swap and Power Swap against a level 21 Luxio. LEVEL 70 MEWTWO VS ... level 21 Luxio wut

Still no shinies for me in any game past Crystal. Dad, however, got around to getting Ranch. He no longer has exactly one space in his box. Unfortunately I was the one shoving things into the Ranch with hapless abandon and I forgot that gee, maybe he wants to keep his Magcargo with him. OOOPS. At least I left his box and a half of Ditto there?

Relatedly, I should move my three boxes of Ditto to a game I actually play but I'm not sure where they are. Oh well! I caught half a box of Ditto today while going for Mewtwo and getting hopelessly lost.
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