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[icon] I Love You, Virus - what was that again...? — LiveJournal
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Current Music:Save Game menu on FFTA (I should go exit from there...))
Subject:I Love You, Virus
Time:01:45 pm
Current Mood:sickI hate being sick on holiday
Well, lately, I've been feeling under the weather, and I decided, heck with this, I'm staying home today....

On a different note, I decided to transcript a cutscene in FFTA for absolutely no apparent reason.

Marche: Hey, that's the---!
Illusionist: You can't run forever, Ezel! Why don't you just turn yourself in quietly?
Ezel: No, I've never been good at sitting in one place for long.
Illusionist: You've overestimated your ability to escape this time, "genius"!
Ezel: Well, these things happen. Life wouldn't be any fun if you always won!
Illusionist: Seize him! And feel free to break whatever you want! Just keep his head in one piece!
Ezel: Please, take it easy on me! I'm a sensitive man, you know!
Marche: That guy's Ezel?! I have to save him!

Marche: So you were Ezel Berbier all along.
Ezel: Ah well, I guess the moogle's out of the bag.
Marche: Who are these guys? Why are they after you?
Ezel: Just a little misunderstandng about a job... I ask for 100,000 gil, and they call me a gouger!
Marche: 100,000 gil?!
Ezel: Yup. That's all it takes to make the laws go away... Pretty cheap, really.
Marche: .....

Marche: Are you all right?
Ezel: I seem to be all here. Thanks for your help, eh?
Ezel: Where are my manners? I've not introduced myself! I am Ezel Berbier, at your service.
Marche: Yes, yes, I know who you are. I'm Marche.
Ezel: Had I more time, I'd love to thank you more properly... But as it is, I must be off!
Marche: Someone else after you?
Ezel: Something like that. It's hard when everyone thinks of you as a genius.
Marche: I heard the nu mou call you an eccentric loony.
Ezel: ...they only say that because they are jealous! This, too, is a burden we geniuses must bear.
Cid: *walks in* Ezel Berbier, I presume.
Ezel: The Judgemaster himself! I'm honored.
Marche: Hunh? Mewt's dad is the Judgemaster?
Cid: Might I ask you to come with me? I'd like to hear more about these antilaws of yours.
Ezel: I must respectfully decline. Sorry, but judges rub me the wrong way!
Cid: *takes out a law card*
Ezel: Ah, an advanced law! Only the Judgemaster can use those. If I use any ability at all, it's the slammer for me! I'm practically shaking in my boots!
Cid: Ah, I'm glad you are familiar with advanced laws. Saves me the trouble of explaining them to you. And I do so dislike violence....
Marche: Ezel!
Ezel: *sigh* I was hoping to avoid this... *takes out antilaw* But I suppose a demonstration wouldn't hurt-- Behold, the antilaw! *throws card up, vanishes with Marche*
Cid: He can stop even an advanced law? Hmm... Maybe he's smarter than I thought. Back to the palace!

~Random Pub~
Marche: Ezel... was that an antilaw?
Ezel: Sure was! It nullified the Judgemaster's law, allowing me to use whatever ability I wished!
Marche: Wow... that's really something.
Ezel: Yes, you might say that I'm really something. But to recieve a visit from the Judgemaster!
Marche: Ezel, are you sure you're not getting in over your head?
Ezel: No, no, no! It is THEY who have crossed the line! Making all their laws without asking us what we think. Besides, annoying the judges with antilaws is fun! That reminds me, I should tell you about my store.
Marche: Your store? You run a store?
Ezel: For trading law cards, yes! It's still hush hush. If there's a card you're looking for, drop on by!
Marche: Sure thing! Thanks, Ezel.
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[icon] I Love You, Virus - what was that again...? — LiveJournal
View:Recent Entries.
View:TCoDf. Dreamwidth.