surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Whee, only one exam left! Aaaand that's Italian, tomorrow morning. At least I feel confidentish about it! ... I guess.

Today I had English and Calc. I actually finished an essay for English! With a time limit! Super amazing, yes? ... Calculus was exactly as boring and dumb as it always is. siiiiiigh math class is super boring and usually easy.

And then I talked to the people from $happy_fun_codemonkey_internship about the gameplan for the next $length_of_time. Which went well! I think.

NEXT I WILL GO TO $art_internship AND ... MAYBE FINISH MY MOSAIC.... /)_(\

I got Pokémon Special (or Adventures if you're a super lame butt who follows the Viz translation) volume 4~ It's kind of pathetic that this CAME OUT IN DECEMBER 2009. Fuck yeah, ten years later!

Borders also had Diamond and Pearl Adventure. The art looks pretty but I'm not sure if I'd care much about it. Should I pick that up, too?
Tags: [series] pokemon, cupholder not included, forethought is for other people, go forth and join my fandom, help i'm being oppressed, i am so completely awesome, i should probably pick those up, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, i'm my biggest fan!, let's talk about... i forgot, manga manga where are you, my childhood: let me show you it, procrastination for fun and profit, so cruel~ so cruel~, these wounds they will not heal, use these powers only for good!
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