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Quiz and Random Quotes for All You! Look at the random quote ness!

Pierce your nose or tounge?: never
Be serious or funny?: funny, possibly
Drink whole milk or skim?: Whole

Are you...

Simple or complicated?: speak simple, think complex
Loving or cold hearted?: cold hearted

Do you prefer...

Angels or flowers? who cares? angels, I guess. One Winged Angel for preference
Grey or black? Black
Colored photos or black and white ones? Colour is good
lust or love? don't know
sunrise or sunset? Sunset, because then I start waking up
M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms if it's peanut
Rap or rock? rock, though I dislike both
Staying up late or waking up early? stay up late!
TV or Radio? television, though videogames>>>all
Eating apples or eating oranges? oranges

Answer truthfully...

Do you have a crush? don't think so
If so do they know? this requires me having a crush

More do you prefer...

Being hot or cold? cold, then you can make like penguins and huddle
Short or tall members of the opposite sex? shorter than me, which isn't exactly very hard to find
Sun or moon? moon
Emeralds or rubies? emeralds
Vanilla or choclate ice cream? vanilla
Boys or girls? don't know
Low fat or fat free? Neither
Green beans or carrots? green beans, though snowpeas>greenbeans

About you...

What time is it? 17:05(filling this out backwards, kay?)
Name: not telling
Nicknames: surskitty, Floop, ssTk, ss, Democratic Socialism(I'm not making this up)
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

What do you want...?

Where do you want to live? Canadia[sic]
How many kids do you want? 1 or adopt
What kind of job do you want? Something involving sitting down all day. computers/graphics?
Do you want to get married? Don't know


Nervous habits: quiet/screaming, sulking, hands in pockets
Are you double jointed? yes; I can stick meh feet behind my head!
Can you roll your tounge? yes, I can also do that fourleafclover thing
Can you raise one eyebrow? yes
Can you cross your eyes? yeah
Can you blow a spit bubble? Sometimes
Do you make your bed daily? I don't make my bed period
Which shoe do you put on first? whichever one I FIND first
Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at somebody? Yes XD
On average how much money do you carry with you? ranging between none and $50
What jewlery do you wear? none.
Favorite piece of clothing? leather jacket!


Do you twirl your spagetti or cut it? Twirl. But I only eat it with whitesauce
Have you ever eaten spam? nope
Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
How many kinds of cereal are in your cabnet? Lucky Charms, Cocopuffs, some sort of honey flake stuff
Whats your favorite beverage? not sure. probably caffienated mineral water, espresso-type drinks, etc
Whats your favorite resturant? Chipotle's, Chicken Out, that Japanese restruant by my dad's house
Do you cook? at school. what? I take Family and Consumer Sciences


How often do you brush your teeth? 1 or 2 times a day when I remember
Hair drying method: drip
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair/what color? nope, but I wanna dye it black
Do you ever spit? Yeah
You own more than one brush? Yes, because I lose them
Your favorite color(s) is/are: Black/blue/purple
You plan on going to college? Yeah...
You're completely broke right now? Nope. Although I prolly will be in a month or so, since I go "save save save, oooh videogame! save save save"
You're happy with your hair? I want black hair. Or that cool common anime-hair, the one with long hair but these cool bangs off to the side...
You own a dog? Is this a trick question? No, I own FIVE dogs.
You spend your money wisely? No clue. I save for a while, then splurge on videogames.
You're always making new friends? nope. loner!
You like to swim? not really
You got bored so you took a shower? nah
You're patient? Nope
What time is it now? 16:52

Random stuff

Favorite cheese? a bunch
Favorite nail polish color? none, or black, I guess
Ever been streaking? wha?
How many concerts have you been to? Dunno
Moshing or skanking? wtf do those words mean?
Do you play DDR? Nope. I want there to be an FF DDR
Do you like llamas? Yo' mama is a llama and a llama ate Osama. Yes
How about monkeys? I guess
Favorite type of music? Instrumental stufferz
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