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Yesterday, I went to the Botanical Gardens -- the one on the Mall by the Capitol building1 -- and found a giant horde of pro-life people going on about the evils of abortion. I do not approve. The only people completely ignoring traffic laws on the Mall should be tourists or people who understand that you do not cross the street when you don't have the light if cars are coming. If the light says DO NOT CROSS and there are quite a few cars trying to go across the intersection, you do not cross. It's common sense and common courtesy. I already wouldn't like the people going around with ABORTION IS MURDER or GENOCIDE AWARENESS posters (said GENOCIDE AWARENESS ones had pictures of babies on oxygen labeled WANTED BABY and dead fetuses labeled UNWANTED BABY so uh) but they're not doing anyone any favors by completely ignoring the lights. I'm pretty sure that I'd've been bothered by that even if I agreed with them.

But hey, botanical gardens! 'twas pretty as usual and then we went to the ... I think it's the Rachel Carson wildlife research center? I'm not sure, it's the one by Goddard. I got an owl fingerpuppet.

I found a lost cat by my driveway last night. He seemed pretty hungry and like a sweet kitty -- also pretty clearly lost -- so I took him inside and gave him some tuna and water. Dad brought him to the humane society today since it's not like we'd have much luck finding where he lives and hopefully he'd be chipped. He's not chipped, sadly, but maybe the owners'll check the shelter for him and find him there. If not, he'll get adopted by somebody. :/ I'm not sure if I did the right thing there. I wouldn't want a sad and adorable cat to freeze or get hit by a car or something, but he might've found his way home after a bit and I don't know if they'll check the shelter. Buuuut I'm pretty sure I couldn't have kept the cat for a while since dad's allergic and this house isn't anywhere near catproof and he might've had something that he could give the dogs. Ah well. I think I'll call the shelter on Monday and see what's up.

1 Did you know that entering in 'botanical gardens' or 'capitol building' when you're less than an hour away from Washington, DC brings up many many places that AREN'T the obvious? I'm sorry, GPS, I meant the CAPITOL BUILDING, not ... some capitol building or another in Illinois. I am not in Illinois. I am in Maryland and trying to get directions to the right part of DC. Given that DC is somewhat insane, this is not as easy as it sounds. ... After trying and failing to get either the botanical gardens or the capitol building into the damn computer, we went with the Canadian Embassy. It's close enough.
Tags: i footnoted your mom, my local politics are important, smart surskitty is smart, so cruel~ so cruel~, so cute~~, sometimes i think it doesn't like me, that's just not right, that's not right, there's a moral to this story
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