surskitty (surskitty) wrote,

Sooooo I updated my top post again~ because I decided I wanted to link to my MAGICAL ART THREAD OF MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY aka the mysterious oscillating cabbages (never let me title things) and it was good. (Apologies for the fact it is on the flakiest server; I have single-handedly caused a few hours of downtime on that server and I wasn't even trying. Honestly the damn thing spends more time going bawwwwwwwww than online so it's not really much of a feat... but it still was my fault TWICE and I am proud of it like a sad thing. Let's all give antialiasis a hug for her godawful server. It's not her fault it's running Windows Server 2003! man wtf who uses windows for servers the world is strange)

Good morning to people from the fandomsecrets friending meme~~ fyi I don't usually comment that muuuuuuch because I am a lurkerbutt. Or possibly a lurkerbum. I have a cardboard box, so I guess it's lurkerbum. Either way.

I got an acceptance letter from $a_college! It's not my first choice or really even my third but hey. ... So I checked the stats for GPAs and SAT scores for my school of people who applied there: I have the lowest GPA and the highest SAT score out of anyone who's been accepted there at my school within the past twenty years. I am so awesome. (Or possibly the most special snowflake outlier bum. They're the same thing, sometimes.)
Tags: ... okay then, a point! my one weakness!, adventures with the land of busywork, deredere (but where's the tsuntsun?), does anyone actually read these, dumb surskitty is dumb, forethought is for other people, friendly neighborhood root vegetable, i am so completely awesome, i'd be a geek if i was cooler, i'm just that awesome, in soviet russia kludge do you, let's talk about my life, mystery plot of fushigi mystery, sometimes i think it doesn't like me, tag overload: please reinstall universe, there's a moral to this story, use these powers only for good!, why do i keep making more tags
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